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Price: $25
Description: 4 volumes quarterly of The MAAP Newsletter sent via the postal service.  This is our quarterly newsletter with the optional inclusion in the Networking Directory, contains letters from parents, professionals, and individuals with autism in which they share advice and information with one another; articles from various authors, researchers and experts in the field of autism with new research, information, strategies or studies; notices about conferences concerned with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder; and poetry and artwork are also sometimes included.
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MAAP Newsletter Options
Networking Directory
This MAAP Networking Directory is ONLY for parents, family members and individuals on the autism spectrum. Professionals and others who work for and with persons on the spectrum will be included in MAAP’s National Referral Listing. By selecting to be included in the directory, you must agree to the following statement:
I understand that I will receive a copy of the directory. I will use the information in the directory for the sole purpose of networking and will not use the information for the purpose of marketing goods, services or for other organizations. I PROMISE TO RESPECT THE RIGHTS AND FEELINGS OF ALL LISTED IN THIS DIRECTORY. IF THEY ASK ME NOT TO CONTACT THEM AGAIN, I WILL COMPLY.