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We provide resources for families, and medical professionals who deal with the challenges of Asperger Syndrome, Autism, and Pervasive Develomental Disorder / Not Otherwise Specified. (PDD/NOS)
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Working together, we can achieve great things     
  Mansfield Hall     
  Is an amazing place for young adults to find their place in the world, grow, and learn.
Please take a look at the video and learn about their program & their space. Hear from the people who run the school, as well as the students who attend!
  Our organization has connected with so many families and professionals around the world. To date, we’ve heard from folks in 119 countries. We are proud to be the first North American organization to address the issues and needs of higher-functioning individuals with autism and Asperger syndrome.      
  Our donations and funding have been decreasing, as well as subscriptions to our newsletter. We feel that the decrease in donations is due to the difficult economy. However, we feel that the subscriptions have decreased because there are so many other sources of good information concerning higher-functioning individuals with autism spectrum differences. An excellent example of this is the Autism Spectrum Quarterly and the online magazine Disability Scoop.     
  After 33 years of service, we are suspending our newsletter and our direct phone line. We finally had to make the difficult decision to close our office and go virtual. We will attempt to personally answer questions via our “contact us” link. However,
this will only occur once per month. If your need for answers can’t wait (and we realize that is often true), we suggest you
contact the Autism Society’s information line 1.800.3AUTISM (1.800.328.8476).
  Why should you support ASC as well as the Autism Society? The answer is simple. The Autism Society is our source of legislative advocacy and wonderful national conferences about ALL levels of autism. ASC directly addresses the needs of
those with level 1 autism, also known as Asperger Syndrome. Since we have no funds available for advertising, we don’t
get the big donations that the Autism Society and other groups get. We rely on local grants in Indiana and your donations. 
  We will keep up our referral files and are in the process of updating in the next few weeks. If you know of an organization that should be listed, please send it to the “contact us” link. We hope you will encourage those providers to purchase a more prominent listing, which is provided at a very low cost and helps us keep ASC’s webpage and work alive. If you are listed as a provider and have a new phone number, email, address, etc., please also send us your corrections.      
  As your CEO and founder, I will occasionally enter thoughts via our Facebook page and in an article or two and a blog on this website.     
  Our thanks to the many families and professionals who donate regularly either independently, through Microsoft Charities, or through Give with Liberty. You are the people who keep us going after 34 years! If your employer offers a matching funds charitable donation program, please list the Autism Spectrum Coalition (also called MAAP Services, Inc.) as your preferred charity.     
  As always, I remind you…     
  Susan Moreno     
  This article is about being ready to deal with the changes coming when the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Edition V is issued in May of 2013.  The American Psychiatric Association has announced that the diagnosis of "Asperger Disorder" will be removed from the newest edition of the manual.     
  Find out suggestions for everything from birthdays, family reunions and summer break.     

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