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  MAAP maintains an extensive listing of persons, agencies, and organizations who help support
individuals, families, and professionals who work or live with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, or PDD.
MAAP Services does not guarantee the quality of the services provided by any individual or organization listed below.
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AGRE: Autism Genetic Resource Exchange 
AGRE is a repository (gene bank) of genetic and clinical information from families with two or more members diagnosed with an ASD that is made available to autism researchers worldwide. For over 10 years, AGRE has accelerated the pace of autism research by collecting genetic and clinical data and providing it to researchers allowing them to focus efforts on their investigations rather than data collection.         866-612-2473
[email protected] is a directory of thousands of counselors, therapists, and psychologists across the United States. Here, you can browse for free by city and state and contact a mental health practitioner near you. Many of our counselors work with all ages practicing a variety of different types of therapy. On each profile page- you can read a practitioner’s concerns and ages they work with, their focus, website, email and phone contact information. Find A Counselor provides a useful services to all those seeking mental health.   
[email protected]
ASPEN~ Asperger Syndrome Education Network 
see website for chapters near you       Edison, NJ 8820
[email protected]
Mansfield Hall 
Mansfield Hall is a comprehensive program and residence that supports young adults attending college and transitioning to independence. We serve students who have learning disabilities, mild autism, Asperger’s syndrome, nonverbal learning disabilities, ADHD, executive functioning impairments, or other students with unique characteristics that may pose challenges in the transition to college life. Our residence is located in the heart of Burlington, Vermont where there are many options for engaging in school and life beyond the classroom.   Grant Leibersberger
  Burington, VT 05401
[email protected]
ATP: Autism Tissue Program 
The ATP is dedicated to increasing and enhancing the availability of post-mortem brain tissue to as many qualified scientists as possible to advance autism research. Brain tissue allows scientists to go far beyond the constraints of other technologies and study autism on both a cellular and molecular level. To date, there are more than 100 brains (from both affected and unaffected individuals)available for autism research.       Los Angeles, CA 90036
[email protected]
MGH Youthcare 
At YouthCare, we want your child, teen or young adult with Asperger’s syndrome or related profiles to feel good about him or herself, make social connections, develop independence and learn life skills just as much as you do. Our talented staff provides therapeutic support throughout all our programs and activities within a fun, small group setting. Call or visit our web site to learn more about our summer camps for kids, teen and young adult programs and social skills groups. Locations in Charlestown, Wellesley and Westwood.   Sylvia Lewinstein
  Boston, MA 02129
[email protected]
Autism National Committee 
autism advocacy organization       Forest Knolls, CA 94933
[email protected]
Pasadena Villa Network of Services 
Pasadena Villa is an innovator in mental health residential treatment and transitional services for adults. In Orlando, we offer 24 licensed residential beds, and a comprehensive continuum which includes intensive residential treatment, community residential homes and transitional living/life skills services. In Tennessee, our Smoky Mountain Lodge is an awe-inspiring facility with 29 private residential rooms. All programs are based on our internally developed Social Integration Model.   Jenny Stokes
  Orlando, FL 32803
[email protected]
A co-ed, overnight sleep away camp. Within a well-rounded, traditional camp program, Akeela is a small, supportive community that helps campers improve their social skills. Akeela campers thrive in a world in which they are surrounded by peers with similar experiences and a staff who understands and embraces them. Not only do they have the time of their lives at camp, but they return home with skills and a new found self-confidence that they carry with them throughout the year.   Debbie & Eric Sasson, Directors
1 Thoreau Way (Sept-May) 314 Bryn Mawr Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
Thetford, VT 05075
[email protected]
Special Needs Alliance 
Special Ed. and DD lawyers   6341 E. Brian Kent Dr.
  Tucson, AZ 85710
College Living Experience 
College Living Experience A post-secondary program established in 1989 for students who require additional support with academics, social, vocational and independent living skills. Serving students in five locations         (800) 486-5058
[email protected]
Talisman Programs, Southeast Journeys 
Talisman Programs offer diverse summer camps for young people ages 8 to 21who have learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, and high-functioning autism. Accredited by the American Camp Association, Talisman has been offering unique summer camp experiences full of fun, adventure, and exciting educational opportunities for special-needs youth since 1980. In addition to our unique and innovative summer camp opportunities, we also offer year round academic programs. Our specialized schools are geared to help students ages 13 – 17 who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, high-functioning autism, and similar autism spectrum disorders. Many of our students begin struggling with friendships in middle and high school. We work to increase their confidence and self-esteem while providing a nurturing and safe environment in which they can learn social skills.   Laura Centers
888.458.8226 ext.1
[email protected]
Council For Jews With Special Needs 
Serving children & young adults who have disabling conditions     12701 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 205
Scottsdale, AZ 85254-5453
[email protected]
The May Institute 
The May Center for Evaluation and Treatment in Randolph, MA is and educational and treatment clinic serving children, adolescents, adults and families. Located in a comfortable and supportive setting, our licensed professionals provide evidence-based diagnostic, assessment, and therapeutic services for a wide range of mental health diagnoses within behavioral and cognitive-behavior therapy disciplines. Our experienced clinicians also provide evaluations and treatment to address the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families, including standardized assessments, behavioral treatment, social skills development, and parent support.   Rebecca Stanton
  Randolph, MA 02368
800-778-7601 or
[email protected]
FaceSayâ„¢ – Social Skills Games that Work! 
FaceSayâ„¢ software is the only technology intervention shown to improve the social interactions of students with autism on the playground, where it counts. In an RCT at UAB (Hopkins, N=49, submitted), in blinded observations, the FaceSay groups initiated more interactions with their peers, made more eye contact, and exhibited fewer negative behaviors. Significant improvements were also found in emotion recognition and face recognition measures. Start your FaceSay free trial. See for yourself.   Casey Wimsatt
  San Jose, CA 95125