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Welcome to OASIS Please Help Support OASIS Please Help Support OASIS UPDATED 11/01/06: Publicity, Books, Papers, Links, More Online Support, join others. New forum for caregivers of Teens and Young Adults with AS Description,DMSIV definition, and down-to-earth description Descriptions, Technical Papers, and Links Educational Implications of AS: Sample IEP, Tips for Teaching,Homeschooling Resources,IDEA, and Links  National, Local, Online, and International  Support Groups International Webpages & Support Groups Diagnostic Rating Scales, Attwood, Gilliam, Myles, CHAT Autism, NLD, PDD-NOS, Semantic-Pragmatic, Dysgraphia, Hyperlexia, ADHD,Tourettes, OCD, and links Social Skills, Strategies, Social Stories, Circle of Friends, Books, Videos,Computer Programs, etc Schools and Camps Adult issues, Support Groups, contributions from autism spectrum adults, Art, Poetry,Essays, and links Conferences and Workshops Where to be evaluated:  Medical Centers, Universities, and Individuals Current AS Research, Some Seeking Participants Organization Print Newsletters AS and Autism Publicity: Newspaper, TV, Magazine, Links to transcripts, Disability/Educational Rights, Law Enforcement Issues: Avoiding Negative Encounters Technology and Software, Social Skills, AlphaSmart, Links and Resources Contributions from our kids, Poetry, Art, links Contributions from family members, Poetry, Essays, Sibling Support, links Links to Other AS Pages More Autism, PDD, Language Disorder Links Take A Break from AS, Fun and sometimes useful links e-mail OASIS Important Information about this Site AS Webring Members

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