Recommended Reading For AS and Related Diagnosis


This bookstore is built in association with Amazon.com, for UK visitors, Amazon.co.uk for Canadian visitors Amazon.ca . Also, as an alternative to amazon and especially useful for those requiring purchase orders, Autism/Asperger Publishing Company and Future Horizons. Future Horizons and AAPC both run conferences and workshops.

The store consists of books that I personally have read and found helpful, books which have been recommended by the families and individuals who have visited OASIS, families who participate in the OASIS forum, and suggestions from professionals who have contributed to this site.

OASIS will receive a small commission on books, Toys, music,software, video, electronics, housewares, and any other item offered through the amazon stores. AAPC allows for the option of using a purchase order for books. While the University of Delaware generously donates the server space for the main OASIS site at www.udel.edu/bkirby/asperger/, I privately pay for the www.aspergersyndrome.org mirror site and I run the page and forums as a volunteer with no funding. Amazon.com, Future Horizons, and AAPC will pay me a very small commission for any books or other item sold through these links or through the Amazon Search Engines located throughout the bookstore. Money earned will help support OASIS.

Thank you so much for your help.

If a book is not available through Amazon.com or if I feel that there is a better and faster method for ordering a book, I will list alternative sources. Even if you don’t order through Amazon, clicking on the link will lead you to ISBN numbers and publishers for each book so you can find the book at your local bookstore.

Finally, I welcome any and all comments and suggestions and I thank you for helping to support OASIS.

Barb Kirby
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