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Susan Moreno addresses "The Silent Slaughter"

Silent slaughter… or how Medicaid Waivers are being taken from individuals with autism spectrum differences who really need them!
One by one, they are lining us up.  You may not see the line, but it is indeed there.  FSSA and BDDS offices are hard at work following orders to cut the number of individuals who have an autism spectrum diagnosis and are currently "qualified" to receive funding…either now or on a waiting list.  We have heard in our state (Indiana) that the waiting lists are being shortened.  So far, they have gone from 13 years (yes, years!) to 9 years.  If you are on that list and have a verbal family member with ASD who will receive a diploma from public school, your family member may be on that list now, but he or she will be reviewed sometime in the next few months with the attempt of removing those who don’t meet the new "level of need" standards.  Unless that person clearly demonstrates the need for daily care, they will be eliminated from eligibility.
What will that mean to those individuals and their families?… A drastic drop in quality of life, decreased access to their community and to their mobility.  Those who fall through the ever-widening cracks will be challenged as never before.  The reward they and their caregivers will receive for hard work and even a modicum of success will be a cut-off from much needed services. 
Many, if not most, residential services, day programs and other adult opportunities cannot service individuals who don’t receive Waiver funds, as their billing systems don’t allow private pay.
If these situations concern you (and they SHOULD), contact your federal and state legislators and complain.  Ask for answers.  Remind them that not only your vote is involved in those answers, so are the votes of your family and friends.

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