Welcome to The OASIS @ MAAP!

Welcome to The OASIS @ MAAP!

 It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to The OASIS @ MAAP. This new web site combines two highly respected entities – OASIS (Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support) which I created in 1993 and THE SOURCE, the online resource for Susan Moreno’s nonprofit organization, MAAP Services. Susan and I are very proud of the result. I am certain that The OASIS @ MAAP will continue to provide the highest quality of information, resources, and support to the Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism/PDD-nos community.

Little did I know that when I first signed on to the "internet" way back in 1993 searching for information to help me better understand my eight year old son, that seventeen years later I would be writing the first entry to The OASIS @ MAAP blog. At that time, there was almost no information available and my desperate search for help led me to create the OASIS web site. 

Not too long after settling down into running OASIS and its forums, I found my way to Susan Moreno and MAAP. In those early years, Susan was a beacon of light for me and for countless other families who were seeking out information on Autism Spectrum Disorders and I found myself the lucky beneficiary of her wisdom and experience. While I worked in cyberspace Susan provided brick and mortar support to families. In other words, she had a real office with a real phone number and published a real newsletter and ran a real conference. Our work complemented each other beautifully. 

It makes perfect sense that we decided to combine forces. OASIS never had nonprofit status and MAAP Services is a 501 (c) (3). What this means is that those who wanted to donate to OASIS will now be able to do so. It also means that those who subscribed to MAAP Services newsletter will now be able to access it online. Our new web site includes its own moderated support message boards. This means that we will be moving the OASIS forum members from Delphi forums over to our new onsite boards. No more annoying advertisements! 

Current OASIS forum members will now have access to MAAP’s resources and newsletters in addition to the boards. MAAP’s members will now have access to OASIS resources and online support boards. 

One thing that has changed is that we are now charging an annual fee of $35 to participate on the message board forums and receive the newsletter. This fee will cover unlimited usage of the moderated message boards, access to the online version of MAAP Services’ Newsletter, discounts for MAAP Services conferences, invitations to special online events, access to MAAP Services phone support. As the web site grows, we hope to include a wider range of support board and more.

Over the years I’ve surveyed members of the OASIS forum and the response to the idea of an annual fee was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, several members responded that not only would they be willing to pay the tax deductible $35 a year, but they’d also be willing to make a contribution to cover the costs of a family or individual who might not be able to afford the fee. Current and past members know the message boards as a place where they can safely and privately access support and they value it highly. The OASIS boards have existed in one form or another for nearly 17 years and I am proud of the high quality of information that has been shared and even prouder of the high standard of online behavior. Not only are the forums recommended by existing members to new members, Autism professionals from around the world have long referred families to the OASIS site and boards. We will continue to maintain the high standards of moderation that led to those referrals. In that light, we are pleased to announce that long time OASIS forum member Leslie Shortridge will be joining us as a moderator of the new General Forum. Many of you know Leslie as [LeslieS12] from the Delphi OASIS forum. Her wise advice, breath of knowledge, and witty approach are well known and well respected and we can’t think of a better moderator. Welcome Leslie!

NOTE: Susan and I are well aware that in today’s economy that there may be some who simply can’t afford to pay the annual fee or may require a fee reduction in order to participate. If this is the case, we urge you to please contact us at [email protected] or phone the MAAP Services office at (219) 662-1311 and explain your situation. We will never turn anyone away from support because they are unable to pay. 

In the future this blog space will be filled by a variety of writers. Professionals. Parents. Adults. The subjects will be varied and the perspectives wide open. We plan to include everything from book reviews to current news to ongoing research projects to interventions to light hearted looks at parenting to more serious concerns. 

Last but certainly not least, I would like to wrap up by thanking Jason Hodges of The BHW Group for his tireless work in creating the new web site.  We would also like to acknowledge his wife, Kelley, and business partners Brett Burnett and Byron Wier for their support. Simply put, without Jason this wonderful site would not exist. 

We have great plans for The OASIS @ MAAP and are thrilled that you will be joining us. Please feel free to send your comments, ideas, good wishes, and concerns to [email protected].

Once again – Welcome to The OASIS @ MAAP! Please know that you are not alone.

-Barb Kirby
Posted by Global Administrator on 1/24/2010 1:19:15 AM

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Barb- Congrats on great new partnership and site! I just signed up for my annual membership…and realized that I had been visiting and posting on OASIS since 1997.
My son is now a Junior in college and the information and support I received over those past 12 years has helped me and my son navigate this journey called Asperger Syndrome.
Thank you and best of luck!
2/10/2010 12:14:02 PM
I’ve just read your book"The oasis Guide to Asperger Syndrome" I’m overwhelmed with emotion….it’s like an "ah ha" moment…We’ve always known something is amiss with our super bright eleven year old daughter. We took her for testing and were told she’s highly gifted and that her other issues don’t meet the criteria for ADHD or OCD. But, our parenting challenges and the highly charged emotionality of our daughter as well the incredible frustration of attempting to have her "fit the mold" with her peers has only been in vain. All we want is to help her primarily socially and are now on the search to do just that. We live in San Diego, CA. Any suggestions?
2/10/2010 4:57:08 PM
our 5 year old daughter’s diagnosis was just shared with us by her school psychologist this week. We’re already reading your book and working with the professional staff on an IEP. We have not share this matter with her 13 year old sibling … any suggestions on approach so as to not overwhelm her or scare her?
2/14/2010 2:16:41 PM
I am a mum of a 12 year old son with aspergers and wish i had found this site years ago.Thank you for doing it its a hard road and nice to see other people out there who get it.
2/15/2010 6:17:55 PM
Hello & HELP!
I need to know 2 things ASAP (I’m at the start, that moment when you’re losing your mind, and can’t breath?):

1. Is this Hereditary (genetic)? It sounds very much like my brother and I, but at 40 and 41, we were just "different". However, I’m not here about me, I’m here about my 8 year old son. He could be a "poster child" for Aspies".

2. Are symptoms made worse, or thier behavior becomes more infantile/ fragile when they get sick, have allergies, lack sleep? I’ve noticed this pattern in my son. He regresses during these times and is sent home from school more often.

Please, just talk to me. I’m surrounded by "good ol’ fashioned" spare the rod types, and my gut tells me that this isn’t a case of him acting out.

Any help is better than none,

2/18/2010 3:25:10 PM
Good Afternoon,
I just found this site and I’m happy to know that I’ll be able to help my 12 year old son. I’ve had doctors tell me I’m wrong, but I can tell that he’s not like other kids. He is such a smart boy, but I don’t want to deny him the help he needs.
2/23/2010 9:35:44 AM
My daughter was diagnosed in middle school with Aspergers. she is now a sophomore in college. She is doing well, however, she is having a horrible time developing new relationships. Her roommate just moved out, this happened last year mid year as well. This has been upsetting to her to say the least. However she is adjusting. While her dad and I have felt strongly that she needed to have a roommate, I’m struggling with this decision. I feel now that it might be better for her to have a place to go so that she will have some quiet and alone time. Socializing all day and then having to go to a dorm room with a roommate may just be too much "on"time. I am wondering if having the time alone to regroup would be a better way to go. I would love your opinion on this.
2/27/2010 11:33:00 AM
My Grandaughter who is 27 is so bright and gifted in so many things it’s scary. She sings like an angel and is now the Dept. Head of the Music Dept. in the High School where she teaches. She is almost finished getting her doctorate and is the Head Boys Volleyball coach. I could go on and on. My Wonderful Grandson is 23 has a more severe form of AS and with lots of hard work graduated from college. He will never live on his own. I believe my Grandaughter may have a very slight problem with AS even though she has achived so many wonderful things. She was introduced to a very handsome and kind man that fell in love with her but she does not seem to know how to handle that. They have a lot in common but she seems possibly afraid to return his love. She told her Mom, that she didn’t know what to do. Is it possible AS may be causing this or is this just the wishing of a loving Grandmother wanting to see her in a loving relationship with a man who will love and support her in whatever she does? Do people with AS have a problem with Adult relationships?
3/10/2010 12:55:30 PM
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Barb- Congrats on great new partnership and site! I just s…

I’ve just read your book"The oasis Guide to Asperger S…

our 5 year old daughter’s diagnosis was just shared with us…

I am a mum of a 12 year old son with aspergers and wish i h…

Hello & HELP! I need to know 2 things ASAP (I’m at th…

Good Afternoon, I just found this site and I’m happy to k…

My daughter was diagnosed in middle school with Aspergers. …

My Grandaughter who is 27 is so bright and gifted in so man…

Barb Kirby
Thanks to Dr. Attwood for the words of support! I’m happy …

How do I explain a 36 year old friend that he might have AS…

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