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Michael Thompson Productions produces programs to increase public awareness and provide information on educational and health care topics. Each program includes information and advice from experts in an easy to follow format. Approximate running time of each video is 25 minutes. All programs are offered on VHS. Programs available on CD-Rom, SECAM, or PAL format by Special Order ONLY. Please see order form for further information.

VHS PROGRAMS                                                                                     ITEM #                               PRICE                 
  ASK ME about Asperger’s Syndrome                                                     1101                              ** $27.99 thru 12/1/00

Professionals and parents describe the impairments that typically affect                                                                   * $35.99 after 12/1/00
students with Asperger’s Syndrome and offer practical suggestions
and techniques for working with these children. Interviews include 2
Psychologists, a SLP, an OT, a Classroom Teacher, and author,
Dr. Liane Willey, as well as parents of Elementary and Jr. High age children.

ASK ME is an acronym for Accepting, Structured, Kind and Supportive,
Motivating, and Enriching – the key elements for providing an appropriate
educational environment for students diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

  Asperger’s Syndrome: Crossing the Bridge                                            1102                                $39.99

One of the world’s leading authorities on Asperger’s Syndrome, Dr. Tony Attwood
interviews Dr. Liane Willey as they discuss her life-time experiences, struggles,
and triumphs over this syndrome.

  Social Language Groups                                                                       1103                                $29.99

Speech and Language Pathologist, Sally Bligh, describes the role of the SLP
in working with children diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. As director
of the Bligh Speech Therapy Center and a SLP for over 20 years, Sally has
developed successful techniques and strategies for working with children on the
autistic spectrum. In this video, she explains the use of Social Language Groups
to facilitiate social communication.

  Asperger’s Syndrome 3-PACK                                                                1104                                $94.99

This package includes ALL THREE of the Asperger’s Syndrome Videos:
ASK ME About Asperger’s Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome: Crossing
the Bridge,
and Social Language Groups.

Because of the many similarities beween AS, HFA,PDD-NOS and NLD, many of the strategies included in these programs would also work well for children diagnosed with Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, HFA or PDD-NOS.

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