Proposed IEP Goals
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Proposed IEP Goals





A: To Improve Communication and Socialization

  1. Establish and maintain eye contact when speaking to teachers and peers.


  2. Ask for help from teachers or aides when needed.


  3. Be respectful of peer’s opinions.


  4. Be positive in communicating with teachers and peers.


  5. Share expertise and special interests with peers.


  6. Initiate discussions with peers.


  7. Respond appropriately to peers in social situations.


  8. Compliment peers when appropriate.


  9. Accept the success of peers without making negative comments.


  10. Attempt to learn the interests of peers.

B: To Succeed in the Regular Classroom

  1. Stay focused on the instruction in the classroom.


  2. Participate appropriately in class.


  3. Notify the teacher/aide if you do not understand the material.


  4. Notify the teacher/aide if you are distracted by sensory input.


  5. Be positive as you approach your work and new tasks.


  6. Establish method by which ______________can help himself/herself control anxiety.


  7. Notify the teacher/aide if you find yourself becoming overly agitated or anxious and your own efforts to control the anxiety have not been successful.


  8. Establish method by which ________________can organize and keep organized.


  9. Understand that, though teachers and aides will attempt to let you know of potential changes in schedule, etc., there will be times when such notice cannot be given. Work on accepting change without becoming emotionally unravelled.

The preceeding sample document is a list of goals for an IEP period.

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