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  Ten Tips for Helping Your Child with Asperger Syndrome      
  By:  Diane Adreon, M.A., Associate Director
   Hopefully summer has been a time for your family to "re-group" and enjoy a lifestyle that is more relaxed than the pace most of us experience during the school year. In the short time prior to the start of school, there are several things parents and school personnel can do to ease the transition into the school year. Like most useful strategies, these require time and effort. Setting the tone for the return to school can have tremendously beneficial results.
  Understanding Friends A program to educate children about differences, and to foster empathy      
  By:  Catherine Faherty, Asheville TEACCH Center
   Understanding Friends is designed to be presented to classes of students in the elementary and middle grades. Adaptations are made for older classes. This article contains lesson plans and a list of supplies that you will need. After fifteen years of presenting this program to thousands of students, I have found that it is most effective, in most cases, to go beyond the generic program and to discuss specific issues, giving accurate information about real students. The two options (B and C) will help you with this.

  Understanding the Student With Asperger's Syndrome: Guidelines for Teachers      
  By:  Karen Williams, University of Michigan
   Children diagnosed with Asperger syndrome present a special challenge in the educational milieu. This article provides teachers with descriptions of seven defining characteristics of Asperger syndrome, in addition to suggestions and strategies for addressing these symptoms in the classroom. Behavioral and academic interventions based on the authors teaching experiences with children with Asperger syndrome are offered.